What To Do If You Find Termites?

Worried you have spotted termites at your property? Here’s an easy to follow step by step guide on what to do when you think you have termites.

Don’t panic! Try not to disturb the termites as you will only temporarily scare them away, making it harder to treat them properly.

  • Don’t spray them with insecticide,
  • Don’t break open any damaged areas,
  • Don’t worry. It is not great news, but all infestations can be controlled – yours will be no different.

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What to do if you have termites?

If you think you have seen termites in your home or commercial property, it’s important to deal with them quickly and efficiently, before they cause significant damage. While it might be tempting to tackle the problem on your own, this can make it worse. Don’t worry – many Australian homes face termite infestations, but the good news is they can all be successfully treated with the right precautions.

In this guide, we’ll explain the key steps on what to do if you have termites, including knowing when it’s time to call the experts in for a thorough, conclusive inspection.

Here’s what to do if you have termites:

White ants & termites feeding on bait station in bathroom

1. Don’t touch the termites

Firstly, while it will be tempting to remove the affected timbers, the area must be left undisturbed until we assess the situation (we offer a free assessment for this). By disturbing the termites, they are more likely to be pushed into concealed areas resulting in further damage and making treatment more challenging.

If you have disturbed the area, don’t stress too much. It’s a common response and we can usually still provide a successful treatment.

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White ants & termites feeding on bait station in bathroom

2. Do not use sprays

Secondly, if you have managed to resist disturbing the area, you should also avoid using insect sprays. Spraying termites might be satisfying but can make treatment more difficult.

Remember, the termite ‘nest’ is not in your home so spraying the termites will only kill the termites you can see allowing the colony to reinfest other concealed areas of your home.

White ants & termites feeding on bait station in bathroom

3. Arrange a professional inspection

The next step is to arrange a professional termite inspection with our team. We’ll inspect the damage and assess the scale of the termite infestation. We will then provide you with immediate advice and a Termite Management Plan.

White ants & termites feeding on bait station in bathroom

4. Follow the Termite Management Plan

The nature of the termite infestation will dictate the type of management applied. Our termite treatment plans vary from dusting and chemical soil treatments to baiting and monitoring systems. We will provide you with a comprehensive plan that suits your situation and has your best interests at heart.

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Excellent service from the Specialist Termite Control team especially Peter and Troy and and the in office staff.We have been with the company for over 11 years and counting. We are happy with the professionalism, expertise and friendly staff. We are seeing the rewards of continuing the Specialist Termite Control. We highly recommend STC.
simon khoo
simon khoo
10:01 09 Jul 24
Called in for a quote and received great customer service from Charlotte. She managed to booked me in for an on-site inspection on the same day noticing some techicians were in the same area. Marko, did the inspection and was very happy with his professionalism and be able to share a few insightful tips on termite prevention in a cost effective way - his honesty stood out!!! Highly recommended
Caren P Lee
Caren P Lee
04:52 02 Jul 24
David Richardson
David Richardson
03:34 24 Jun 24
Very knowledgeable and helpful people.
Susan Royse
Susan Royse
08:41 22 Jun 24
Marko Crcic checking, feeding and getting rid of the termites for us, we are extremely happy with his work, highly recommended.
Hannah Chen
Hannah Chen
00:52 20 Jun 24
Troy did an excellent job checking our house for termites. He was polite, thorough, and really helped to put my mind at ease also giving some good advice on future steps to take to minimise the risk of termite infestation. Highly recommended.
Gemma Tan
Gemma Tan
00:17 19 Jun 24
Troy was extremely professional and courteous. I felt I was in safe hands
Jann Carmody
Jann Carmody
01:23 17 Jun 24
I have been a STC customer for many years. Having rid the house of the buggers annual inspections are all i have since required. Tom has always been right on time, friendly and thorough. His time inspecting our home is of minimal impact. I thoroughly recommend Specialty Termite Control for stress free peace of mind.
Andrea C.
Andrea C.
23:38 14 Jun 24
I would recommend John for any job relating termite control and the like. Honest and very reliable.
23:53 10 Jun 24
Marko was fantastic. He reorganised his day for us and was extremely thorough in his inspection. He even came back the next day when the photos didn't upload to the report properly. Couldn't recommend him enough. Thanks Marko
Catherine Povey
Catherine Povey
05:51 07 Jun 24
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about what to do when you’ve spotted termites at your property? No problem! Here are the most commonly asked questions our experts receive. If neither of these answer your query, please contact us on 1300 69 59 49 to speak with our experts.

What can I do if I find termite damage?
Don’t touch and don’t panic. The first thing to do is make sure the damage does not get any worse, which means getting it assessed by a professional. Our termite specialists will provide a termite treatment plan for your home, and after assessing the extent of the damage, will be able to provide you with expert advice on what your next steps should be.
What should I do if I find termites in my garden?
Finding termites in your garden is commonplace and sometimes may not be a cause for concern. People are often surprised when we tell them that there are over 300 termite species in Australia alone. The majority of them are not considered destructive.

It is not uncommon even for licenced pest controllers to misdiagnose a non-destructive species as the destructive kind and thus recommendations for termite treatments are made based upon a misidentification.

Importantly however, it should be noted that the environment that supports a non-destructive termite species is often similar to that of a destructive species and termite management may still be required – but for the right reasons!

Additionally, if you have found a destructive species on your property then the chances are reasonable that termites may also be attacking your home. Termites easily travel distances more than 50 metres, so if they are in the garden then the risk to the home is high.

Not sure what you’ve found? No problem, shoot us a clear photo via this link and we’ll take a look for you.

What should I do if I find termites in a tree?
As mentioned above, many different types of termites and insects infest timbers – particularly those that are decaying. Getting an accurate identification will shape the kind of recommendations you will receive.

If you are seeing termites on your property then typically this places your home in a higher risk category and regular termite inspections will be necessary, often in combination with some form of proactive termite management.

Where possible, dead trees and stumps should be removed as they can encourage a greater focus of termite ‘forging’ on your property leading to the discovery of your home as a food source for the colony.

This is contrary to the common misapprehension that the more timber ‘outside’, the more termites will feed on that as opposed to the house. The opposite is true, the greater the feeding material, the greater the presence will be around your home and the greater the chance they will infest it.

Where live trees hold termites, then they should be left standing as termites are usually relegated to the ‘heartwood’ flute and thus can be located and treated.

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