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Monitoring systems

How do termite monitoring systems protect buildings from termite attack?

Termite monitoring stations, which contain specially selected timbers and an organic attractant, are placed into the ground around the perimeter of a building, usually in garden beds and landscaped areas.

The monitors need to be serviced every 12 weeks and the attractants refreshed regularly and any monitor found to have become infested with termites will have a termite bait added.. The specially prepared bait material is highly attractive and the termites take it back to the nest where is it fed to the termite queen and other nest mates. The slow acting hormone inhibitor in the bait gradually kills the queen and entire colony and accordingly the termite pressure on the building is relieved.

Through this continuous process of monitoring for termite activity and treatment with bait, termite colonies surrounding the property are eliminated and the risk of termites attacking the building is reduced to a level that we can provide a warranty.

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Why use termite monitoring systems instead of treating the soil with liquid termiticide?

Termite monitoring has proven to be an effective and popular method of termite protection around Melbourne and it now stands as an equal to conventional chemical termite treatments.

The traditional methods of injecting insecticides into the soil around and under properties can be very effective. Indeed at Specialist Termite Control, it is a method we regularly use. However, many buildings cannot be fully protected with chemical treatment usually because of thier building or landscaping structure, and it is for these buildings that we recommend baiting and monitoring programs. In other words, we use baits and monitors where conventional sprays are unlikely to succeed or where home owners don’t want the associated drilling and chemical impact.

Check out our blog article on “Which is the best termite protection treatment – termite baits or liquid soil treatments?” for more information on the pros and cons.

Can I feel confident with a termite monitoring and baiting system protecting my home?

Specialist Termite Control manages clients’ monitoring systems as part of an inclusive package that provides for regular service of monitors and an annual inspection of the building. There is no doubt that a well serviced termite monitoring program is effective in dramatically reducing the risk to a building- down to level at which this company will provide you with a warranty.

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