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Effective termite barrier systems in Melbourne

When it comes to termite protection barriers, our team at Specialist Termite Control are proud to offer home owners and builders a wide range of termite barrier treatment options. Whether you’re building a new home and want to shore it up against possible termite infestation or are looking to prevent your existing property from termite-related problems, we can easily provide you with a physical barrier solution or a termite chemical barrier to have you sorted out in no time.

Generally, our physical barrier products are most often used as a form of termite control in new construction projects. The preferred physical termite prevention barrier method in Melbourne for us at Specialist Termite Control is the use of a termite membrane or chemically impregnated sheet. This termite barrier treatment is safe, affordable and very effective, as pre-construction termite protection barriers go. The products that we use as part of this treatment range from simple sealants to dampcourse membranes, and can use active ingredients such as bifenthrin and deltamethrin that are impregnated into fibres, sheeting or geotextiles to act as a permanent and effective termite barrier.

Chemical barrier treatments are typically carried out on existing properties. It maybe applied to prevent a termite attack or as part of a treatment on a house that has suffered a termite attack, to prevent further attacks in the future. Our team will also tend to apply a termite chemical barrier after we’ve carried out colony location and destruction for an existing home or building, as well as possibly using dusting and baiting techniques to remove existing termites on your property.

Our termite chemical barrier treatment consists of a liquid termiticide that is applied to the ground using high volumes flooded into soil, which prevents termites travelling through the soil and into the footings of your building. We generally combine this method with assessing the physical barriers created by features of your building to create a single, effective barrier around your property.

We offer these treatments at a termite barrier protection cost that many other companies in the wider Melbourne area simply can’t match. Call us at 1300 695 949 to enquire about our services or make your booking – you’ll be amazed at how little a Specialist Termite Control termite barrier will cost.

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