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Termite Nest Elimination

If a building is under termite attack, it makes sense to try and find the nest causing the problem. Taking time to inspect the property around buildings under termite attack, with special attention to trees and tree stumps, is a key first step in any treatment. But finding a termite nest is not always that easy…

If a building is under attack by termites we typically make every effort to try and find the colony. However, being subterranean termites, most colonies are well hidden, often underground or in tree stumps or trees. If we are undertaking a nest search we will check trees and stumps on the property that are of appropriate size and species to be a reasonable candidate to conceal a termite colony. This may mean drilling into the tree base and the use of temperature probes to check the temperature inside the tree ­– a higher temperature could indicate a termite colony.

Drilling a tree for termite nest
Drilling a tree for termite nest
Temperature probe in tree
Temperature probes are placed in drill holes to detect nests

What do we do if we find a termite nest?

If we find a termite nest, eliminating the colony is the first step of any treatment. Once a termite nest has been located we will either physically destroy the nest or flood the nest chamber with insecticide. However, we will still need to treat any active termites in the building, as there is no way of knowing whether the termites attacking the building are coming from that particular nest and indeed, there may be several termite nests ‘within range’ of your home.

What do we do if we cannot find a termite nest?

Although finding the and destroying local termite colonies around the building is always preferable as it reduces the ‘pressure’ of termite activity from the building, it is not always achieved due to their concealed nature. Regardless of whether we locate a termite colony, we will design a treatment to eliminate the active termites from your home.

What’s next after colony control?

Eliminating active termites from the building and destroying any termite colonies may stop the current termite attack, but it won’t prevent your home being attacked by another nest at some time in the future. This is why it is vital to install a termite management system to provide lasting protection from termites.

Key facts about termite nests

Coptotermes frenchi, often located in the outer suburbs of Melbourne build a large, single termite nest and they can travel up to 100 metres from their nest to a feeding site.

Other termite species (such as Schedorhinotermes species) are “multi-nesters” – they may have several nest sites as part of the same colony. With such species, eliminating a single nest is unlikely to remove the termite pressure on your home. This species occupies more northern parts of Australia and is not considered a problem in Victoria

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