Concealed termite entry points are a common way for termites to get into your home. This shows termites (Nasutitermes spp) in a timber stump which was being used to enter a home ‘undetected’. Although this example is of a timber stump, it should not be thought that termites cannot enter a home using a concrete stump, in fact we see more examples of termites entering a home via  concrete stumps than with timber simply because concrete house stumps are a more common building material nowadays.

The difference between concrete and timber stumps as far as termite management is concerned is that with concrete we can ‘see’ the termite tubes coming up the side of the stump on an annual inspection however with timber stumps termites can enter the home ‘undetected’ through the center of the stump.

Such activity can be picked up through regular inspections and dealt with through a suitable termite treatment