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termite treatment kilmore

Recently, our team made an interesting discovery with a termite monitor installed in Kilmore. This blog post will discuss our findings with the termite monitor, the particular species of termite, termite inspection and termite treatment options in Kilmore.

Termite Monitors

For those who are unfamiliar with topics related to termite treatment and inspection, termite monitoring stations are installed in cases of suspected infestation. Termite monitors are small objects that contain specialised wood and an organic substance that attracts termites. These termite monitors are embedded in the ground in areas close to buildings suspected of infestation.

termite treatment Kilmore


Have a look at the termites that our team recently found in an Exterra in-ground termite monitor in Kilmore. See how the termites in Kilmore have filled the monitor with their mud and notice the dark chocolate colour of their workings. This species is quite distinctive – they are Nasutitermes (genus) and the species is probably ‘exiteosus’. They are soft mound builders. Thus, they are very common in the Kilmore and Seymour country areas, where they often find ingress into buildings. In addition, because they are found ingress into buildings, they typically infest larger hardwood timbers such as large posts, or in this specific case, on termite monitors.

We seldom see these species of termites in buildings in Melbourne. They are more commonly found in backyards and landscape timbers in rural Victorian areas such as Kilmore and Wondong.  Furthermore, managing an infestation of this species requires a different approach since baiting methods are less effective and slower with the Nasute species. Accordingly, we may not attempt to use baiting methods on these termites found in the monitor.

However, the good news is that there are a variety of alternative termite treatment methods. These include termite dusting, soil treatment and termite nest elimination.

Our Services

Our knowledgable team is experienced with this termite species and many others, especially in Kilmore. We offer a wide range of proven termite treatment options in Kilmore. If you have a problem similar to this one that we found, then please do not hesitate for one second to contact us!

Do you require a termite inspection in Melbourne? Visit our page on inspections for termites to see how we can help you with your termite problem.