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Have you ever suspected the presence of termites in your space? You have probably seen signs that point to a likely termite infestation but no termites, there is no precise way of concluding with just your eyes. In this blog post, we discuss accurate termite inspection and termite treatment in Yarraville using specialised equipment.

Our team recently completed an inspection of this building in Yarraville, where termites were being very discrete and trying to hide from us! Fortunately, we have good testing equipment nowadays, that can find those sneaky termites wherever they go. This photo above is from the termites that we encountered in Yarraville and it shows a Radar Movement Detector detecting termites movement in a floor which otherwise may have eluded our inspector if it was not there. You can read more about the Radar Movement Detector we used here.

Termite control can be fairly straight forward if termites are detected. The real worry is that termites remain undetected for several years doing damage to a building before they are discovered by accident and the extent of their damage is gradually uncovered. This is why termite inspection is extremely important in maintaining spaces. Routine annual termite inspections certainly reduce the risk of such damage as well as buying the building owner some peace of mind.

If you are suspicious that there may be termites living on your property with you, but cant physically see them yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can put an end to your termite problems. We offer a range of termite treatment options in Yarraville. It’s better to be safe then sorry!

Our award-winning team is experienced and knowledgable with termite control. Do you require a termite inspection in Melbourne? Visit our inspections page to see how we can help you!