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Termite Specialist Tom

Tom Boschma


Tom is the founding director of Specialist Termite Control and began his career in pest control by championing new environmentally friendly termite control methods in the early 1990s. Tom worked closely with the CSIRO in developing termite dusting and aggregation methods in order to provide a safer alternative to the then wide spread use of organochlorins. Tom’s progressive culture has stayed with the business to this day and is one of the reasons we continue to trial and develop modern termite management techniques.

Back then, Tom’s approach to termite control focused on three things which are still fundamental to the business today: a genuine care for our clients, a professional approach to all aspects of our work and being highly skilled in our trade. This simple ethos is a value shared by all of Specialist Termite Control’s technicians who benefit from the training and experience of one of Australia’s best termite managers. Tom has retired from full time work and now helps Robert with the management of the business and with training of staff.

Termite Specialist Rob

Robert Boschma

Managing director

Rob is the managing director of Specialist Termite Control and has been involved with the family business since 2000. Robert is the driving force who continuously changes and shapes the business to stay if front of modern technology and standards. He does not get to work in the field as much, but likes nothing better than getting out and meeting clients to assist with their termite issues. He tries to balance old fashioned values and personal communication with the need to keep up with technology changes and the requirements of our busy clients for simple and quick reporting. Robert believes that to run a happy business, you must start by making customers happy – give a little more than is expected. Happy customers make a happy business.


Termite Specialist Peter

Peter Bakes

Termite specialist

Peter is one of our most experienced technicians and from day one has consistently demonstrated a client-focussed approach to his work, spending quality time on site to ensure each job is completed to the highest standards. Peter has raised the bar in all forms of termite management but is considered one of the best when it comes to utilising non toxic baiting methods to gain colony control His professionalism has made him one of the most sought after technicians among our clients and his experienced advice is often sought after by other specialist. Peter is known for taking trainees under his wing and showing them how it is really done.

Termite Specialist Richard

Richard Boschma

Termite specialist

Richard’s attitude to his work embodies what we represent at Specialised Termite Control, which is a business that cares about its work and its clients. Richard is one of our best inspectors and a termite specialist and can walk into any termite problem situation confident that he can find the best way forward. He is organised, methodical, professional and skilled and ‘walks-the-walk’ in delivering our company values to his clients.


Liam McMaster

Termite specialist

Liam is a friendly, professional and driven Termite Specialist. He is constantly getting great feedback from our clients as he works hard to identify the issues and resolve them in a way that has the clients’ interests first. Liam’s friendly demeaner means that he is able to build a real working relationship with his customers which allow for great communication between the two of them. Our clients are able to be fully informed as to the processes involved, the expect outcomes and how we are able to achieve such a successful result.

Termite Specialist Alex

Alex Fayers

Termite specialist

Alex’s care and attention to details has made him one of most popular technicians with our clients and is one of our great problem solvers. He is very much a team player and can often be seen in conversation with other team members discussing jobs and the best way to handle them. He is a good organiser and communicator, and is in his element dealing with a people in complex and team situations.

Termite Specialist Dee

Dee Pietersen

Termite specialist

Dee’s has a friendly and relaxed disposition, but once on the job he is disciplined and has solid old fashioned values. His has a professional approach and he is one of our most skilled technicians. With his gentle and thorough approach it’s of no surprise that we get such good feedback from Dee’s clients.

Ben- Termite Specialist Melbourne

Ben Northey

Termite specialist

Ben lives in the community in which he works and has a genuine desire to represent himself and STC to the highest degree. He is dependable and can be relied on to look after his client’s best interest with honest advice and skilled service. He has a real fascination with termites and in his gentle and creative side- he takes stunning photos of termites, which must be some of the world’s very best.

Job Coordinators

Termite Specialist Jo

Joanne Trovato, Office Manager

Office manager

Joanne is the manager of our office administration team as well as being the voice on the ‘phone as she responds to your incoming calls. She is on the receiving end of some very colourful calls! She is also responsible for keeping our accounts and for overseeing a small team who process the mountains of reports being generated for our clients. Jo’s energy and professionalism enables her to understand our client’s situation and provide them with detailed information about termites and how to use our industry’s services in a practical way. Jo’s dedication and caring assistance to our clients has been key in developing the company’s client base.

Termite Specialist Wendy

Wendy Sheales, Office Administrator

Office administartor

Wendy helps both with our clients in coordination and booking their jobs and also with the administration of accounts. She is valued by our clients who find her resourceful and helpful. As a member of our small administration team she has successfully taken responsibility in some complex ‘worker accreditation’ roles. She has a sharp sense of humour and has a valued opinion on administration challenges and improvements.

Termite Specialist Narelle

Narelle Burr, Office Administrator

Office administrator

Narelle is one of our most friendly and experienced office staff member whose handles everything from enquires to the processing of our range of reports to clients. She handles a never ending pressure of daily reports which can grow to daunting proportions during busy seasons. She is the ‘go -to’ person when we have technical difficulties and is tireless in helping clients with their queries.

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