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If you think you have termites here’s what to do…

Don’t panic! (We’re here to help) Try not to disturb the termites (it can make them more difficult to control)

  • Don’t spray them with insecticide
  • Don’t break open any damaged areas
  • Don’t worry. It is not great news, but all termite infestations
    can be controlled, and yours will be no different.

Give us a call immediately – if you live in Melbourne or nearby country areas, we’ll be around as soon as possible to assess the problem and provide on the spot feedback. If you have termites, we will provide various treatment options and an obligation free quote.

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Why have a termite inspection?

With termite damage not covered by most home insurance and 1 in 5 homes suffering termite attack, an annual termite inspection is the first key step in a termite management plan to protect your property.

A termite inspection is not just to inspect your home from termites, but it should look for timber damage, conditions that may make the building more susceptible to termite attack and construction faults or maintenance issues that may make it more likely for termites to enter the building without being noticed.

If the inspection reveals you do indeed have termites it also provides vital information that will allow us to determine the extent of the damage, the species present and how it is accessing the property. This will help to determine the potential termite treatment options needed to eliminate the termites and protect the property.

With this information at hand a termite management plan for the property can be developed, taking into account the termite pressure, building construction and surrounding environment – the plan will often be a combination of termite inspections and a termite treatment to provide termite protection for your property.

Call us on 1300 695 949 if you think you may have termites

How do our inspections reports differ from others?

Each inspection comes with a detailed multi-page report with photos. We take our time to explain our findings on site and are happy to talk some more over the phone if you have further questions. Take a look at the examples below for yourself –

Generic industry report

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Our inspection report

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Standard Termite Inspection

All our termite inspections are carried out according to Australian standards 3660. However, our termite inspections are much more involved than simply looking for active termites. We look to see if there is any old damage, whether there are conditions that may make the building more susceptible to attack in the future or whether there are any building maintenance issues that need to be remedied.

An inspection with us is more like a “health check” for your home. We take our time to go through every area of your home and property (termites are often found in the darkest, dampest corners!) and use the latest termite detection equipment to make sure we don’t miss anything.

Typically an inspection on an average 3-4 bedroom home will take us 2.5-3 hours – if you have had an inspection that takes less than an hour, the chances are, they have not done a very thorough job. What areas of the property do we inspect?

Each inspection comes with a detailed multi-page report with photos. We take our time to explain our findings on site and are happy to talk some more over the phone if you have further questions. We also provide a range of termite prevention tips for homeowners.

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Latest Termite Detector Technology

Whilst we pride ourselves on our termite expertise and have some of the most experienced termite inspectors in Melbourne, we also use the latest termite detection equipment to help us detect areas of moisture and termite activity behind walls. In addition to moisture metres which get help us identify leaks behind walls and areas where termites may have made their mud packing, we also use the Termatrac Termite Detector. The Termatrac T3i can detect termite movement behind walls and also includes thermal detection which can help pin point hidden termite nests in buildings.

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Termites Will always find a way in!

Termites will build their mud tubes over any material – no home is safe!

Specialist Termite Control are Melbourne’s original termite specialists – it’s all we do! We’ve been providing termite inspection services to Melbourne for over 25 years and all our technicians are termite experts (fully trained and insured), so you can rest assured you’re in good hands.[/caption]

By combining our years of experience with the use of latest technologies and practices, we’re able to provide superior termite inspection services across Melbourne.

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