Termite Bait ‘Smashed’ in Frankston

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Termite bait Frankston

These modern termite baits, pictured in the photo above are just so attractive to termites. This blog post will discuss a recent successful treatment with the baiting method. Essentially, we used termite bait in Frankston to control a colony that has been nesting in a house. 

We placed the bait pictured above into a home near in Frankston South, and we found the termites devoured it very quickly. You can still see a few termites in the bait station in the picture above if you look closely. We can safely say the effects of the termite bait slowly but rapidly spread through the termite colony after being totally eaten.

Termite baiting is one of the various treatments to eliminate termites from homes and other spaces.


Our termite baiting services seek to control termites and bring about their downfall. We are able to see and record the changes in the termite appearance as the weeks pass during a baiting program.

The termites feeding on our bait tend to develop a mottled appearance. They gradually then become thinner and whiter and the soldier to worker ratio can dramatically change as the workers die first.

The last termites to die are typically the mature (final instar) workers and soldiers. A termite bait allows us to be able to see at least some of these stages. This makes it extremely helpful and reassuring for the termite specialist to assure they are getting the job done.

This Frankston home contacted us for termite baiting for their building. This effective control method acted as a slow insecticide and successfully got rid of the termites. Our experienced team at Termite Specialists can fix your termite problem with our exceptional service.

Using this termite bait has a dual effect and works to eliminate termites inside buildings and to also protect those buildings from future termite attacks. For more information about our termite baiting, or for our other termite control, dusting and termite nest elimination processes visit our website. 

If you need to eliminate the termites in your space with termite bait in Frankston, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 695 949 so we can take care of your termite worries as soon as possible.