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How do termite treatments to the soil protect my home?

There are two main termite management systems used to protect buildings from termite attack 1)     Application of termite treatment to the soil around and under buildings 2)     Installation of a termite monitoring and baiting system around the perimeter of buildings Following … Continue reading

Termites Attacking House Via Concrete Stump

We are often asked by confused clients how they have sustained a termite attack when their home has had their old red gum stumps replaced with concrete stumps. We conduct hundreds of termite inspections every year and generally speaking the … Continue reading

The Next Big Move In The Termite Industry – Altriset

Every now and then there are some really important moves in our industry, in 1994 it was the banning of organochlorines which included products such as Dieldrin and Aldrin (carcinogens). At the beginning of the 2000’s it was the introduction … Continue reading

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