Termite Inspections in Tullamarine

Worried you may have termites in your Tullamarine home? Better to be safe than sorry –arrange a termite inspection for clearer peace of mind.

A termite inspection from Specialist Termite Control can determine whether your property has been infested or whether it enjoys a clean bill of health.

Effective termite control to protect your Tullamarine home

Prevent infestation in your home with superior quality termite control methods. Non-hazardous and environmentally friendly, our termite control methods include:

  • Strip shielding
  • Granite aggreagate
  • Stainless steel mesh
  • Termite membranes or chemically impregnated sheets

Book your termite inspection with Specialist Termite Control at your Tullamarine home and be safe rather than sorry. Call us on 1300 695 949.

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