Termite Inspections in Park Orchards

Termite infestation can be damaging to your Park Orchards home, both emotionally and financially, which is why a regular termite inspection is so crucial.

Specialist Termite Control provides homeowners with indoor and outdoor termite inspections, either locating the source of the infestation or providing a clean bill of health.

Effective termite control to protect your Park Orchards home

Control the threat of termite infestation in your home and property with our non-hazardous and environmentally friendly termite control measures. They include:

  • Strip shielding
  • Granite aggreagate
  • Stainless steel mesh
  • Termite membranes or chemically impregnated sheets

Get in touch with Specialist Termite Control today and arrange a termite inspection on your Park Orchards property. Phone us on 1300 695 949.

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