Termite Inspections in Briar Hill

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Termites are arguably the most destructive pest you could ever be unlucky to find in your home. They can cause expensive damage to the structure of your home that in some cases can be irreparable. If you suspect your Briar Hill home might be infested with termites or simply want peace of mind knowing that it isn’t, turn to Robert and Richard Boschma of Specialist Termite Control.

Robert and Richard can provide you with a complete and comprehensive termite assessment of your Briar Hill house and property, giving you the reassurance that your home is safe and protected.

Your home is not only your castle; it’s one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. Therefore you want to ensure it’s safeguarded from termite infestation. For a FREE assessment of your Briar Hill property, contact Specialist Termite Control by calling 1300 695 949 or getting in touch with us online.

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