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If you look at the corner of between the brick pier and the footing wall of this typical brick veneer in Greensborough you can make out a 2cm wide by 5 cm tall termite tube. It almost looks like a build up of soil but has a slightly dark brown texture then the earth around it.

This is a fairly easily found example of a termite entry point and was quickly detect by us however; it’s not generally that straight forward. A termite tube can be smaller then the width of a pencil and maybe coming up behind the pier or somewhere entirely inaccessible and thus never located during a sub floor inspection.

It is for this reason that the need to have not only a thorough termite inspection of both internal, subfloor, roof and externals of a building but also have the ability to provide treatments that cater to the specifics of the type of infestation and are appropriate for the style of building involved.

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