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Pre-purchase Inspection
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Specialist Termite Control are Melbourne’s original termite specialists – it’s all we do!

We’ve been providing termite inspection services to Melbourne for over 25 years and all our specialist technicians are well trained, accredited and insured. You can rely on our work and we will report to you in an easy to understand written report with photos as well as one-to one verbal reporting- you and the specialist. No agents or middle men. You will have personal service.
Specialist Termite Control has been awarded National Pest Manager of the Year (Specialist category) and have a hard earned reputation for delivering what we say. Please trust your work to us.

By combining our years of experience with the use of latest technologies and practices, we’re able to provide superior termite inspection services across Melbourne.

We offer two types of termite inspection;

  • Standard Termite Inspections – for home or property owners needing their buildings checked for termites, and termite damage
  • Pre-purchase Pest inspections: for home buyers looking to have a potential property purchase checked for termites and other timber pests (such as borers and wood decay fungi)

Call us on 1300 695 949 if you think you may have termites

How do our inspections reports differ from others?

Each inspection comes with a detailed multi-page report with photos. We take our time to explain our findings on site and are happy to talk some more over the phone if you have further questions. Take a look at the examples below for yourself –

Generic industry report
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Our inspection report
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If you think you have termites here’s what to do…

Don’t panic! (We’re here to help) Try not to disturb the termites (it can make them more difficult to control)

  • Don’t spray them with insecticide
  • Don’t break open any damaged areas
  • Don’t worry. It is not great news, but all termite infestations can be controlled, and yours will be no different.

Give us a call immediately – if you live in Melbourne or nearby country areas, we’ll be around as soon as possible to assess the problem and provide on the spot feedback. If you have termites, we will provide various treatment options and an obligation free quote.

Why choose Specialist Termite Control?

You’re in safe hands…
  • Over 25 years termite experience
  • National Pest Manager of the Year – Specialist Manager (2014 and 2015)
  • Expert knowledge of Melbourne’s termites and environment
  • Thorough and careful inspections – we won’t be rushed!
  • Use of latest termite detection technology
  • Understandable written reports with embedded photos.
  • Verbal report one to one, inspector to client. No agents.
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Local, family run company
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Reducing Moisture

1) Ensure ground water drainage flows away from your home. Ground level should slope away from house and soil drainage systems should be installed. If you have a damp sub-floor, improved sub-floor ventilation may be beneficial.

2) Don’t have a watering system or regularly water plants next to the house. This really means you need to avoid substantial garden beds by the house.

3) Ensure roof guttering and downpipes do not leak and they correctly discharge to the storm water drains.

4) Make sure any external taps are not dripping and ideally have a drain underneath.

5) Check for leaks in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.You may need a plumber to check if you suspect a leak.

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Reduce Potential Termite Food

6) Do not use wood mulch immediately by the house.

7) Make sure any waste timber or cardboard boxes are disposed of. Never store timber on the ground under your home.

8) Make sure any firewood is stored off the ground away from the building.

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Keep Areas Clear

9) Keep the perimeter of your home clear of plants and stored items. If you can’t see the edge of the building we won’t be able to see the tell-tail mud galleries of termite ingress.

10) If you have a sub-floor, avoid the temptation to store your excess / unwanted items in this inviting area. Stored goods prevent our ability to see any termite activity and also reduce ventilation. If the stored goods include wood or cardboard boxes, you are also providing some nice termite attractant!

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Our termite inspection equipment

Good detection equipment is important but the vital key is the training and experience of the inspector. His / her knowledge, skill and experience give him / her a nose for finding termites that no amount of the latest equipment can replace.

Our inspector does, of course, use the latest technology along-side the ‘nose’ for termites. When you combine this with a commitment to painstaking and methodical work and our modern reporting software, you have the ingredients to enable the inspector to deliver to you the best possible inspection and report. We now have thousands of clients who have received better service and results than they expected. Give us a try.

A sounding stick – traditional device for sounding timbers for voids. This may seem like an old fashioned low-tech piece of equipment, but our inspectors can tell a lot from the sound when wood is being sounded and it is the tool that is in almost continuous use.
If sounding methods detect ‘papery’ or hollow timbers, they would then be re-tested with electronic instruments such as a moisture meter and/ or a radar movement detector.

Melbourne Termite Treatment Cost ALT2Moisture meter – this is an invaluable tool, picking up areas of moisture in timbers and walls. The causes of the moisture may be a leak from a pipe or shower base but could also indicate termite activity since termites bring moisture into areas where they are feeding. Spots with high moisture are usually re-checked with other instruments such as by sounding and/or by using a movement detector. Many ‘false’ readings are received from this instrument, but when combined with the inspector’s discerning experience, a moisture meter is an indispensable inspection aid.

Termatrac – this specialist instrument allows us to test for insect movement in suspect local spots up to 3 inches deep within a timber or wall cavity. It is used selectively on spots that other testing equipment, such as a ‘sounder’, have earmarked for further testing. It uses a radar signal to identify (and record) the smallest movement inside timbers. It can give false readings and can ‘mistake’ black ants for termites, but like most tools- they work when in the right hands.

Online termite test toolNEW

Use our online termite assessment tool to see if you have termites