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Pre construction membrane to slab edge

At Specialist Termite Control, we have a team of dedicated Pre-Construction Work experts who have worked as builders in the building industry, so we know what you need and how to do it. We offer both physical and liquid termiticide barriers and can cater a plan to suit your style of construction be it large commercial jobs or a local unit block.

We are the industry specialists when it comes to termite protection and prevention in Melbourne, using products that are safe for use onsite while your building team is getting on with the job. There is no smell and no need to drop tools while we are working because we use only the best quality water-based pesticides (at no extra cost to you).

We provide a comprehensive range of termite prevention services to the building industry.

Spraying is still the cheapest option and can give up to 10 years of protection if not disturbed. The key is to have the termite treatment reapplied if landscaping or paving will cover the treated area.

For more permanent termite infestation prevention, you may wish to consider using one of the termite protection systems described below.

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Termite Collars

Termite Collars are used for buildings built on concrete slabs. A very cost-effective option, they protect the small gaps around waste pipes from termite entry.

Termite Membranes

Termite Membranes are tough plastic sheet membranes, rather like a damp course material. They are impregnated with termiticide to make them highly repellent and toxic to termites. They are odourless and are expected to last at least 50 years and require almost no ongoing maintenance.
Typically the termite membrane is installed before framing and extends across the wall cavity and though

Pipe Reticulation

Pipe Reticulation is an irrigation system designed for termiticide. It allows the easy reapplication of protection, which can be especially useful if the landscaping around the building is to be covered by concrete or paving.

Termite Foam

Termite Foam is rather like gap filler foam but contains a repellent termiticide. It is applied as an expanding ‘two pack’ within the edge rebate cavity of a wall. A plastic membrane is also laid along the brickwork. The termite foam system is installed after the framing and needs a base course of bricks laid. The product is expected to last at least 50 years and requires little ongoing maintenance.