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Which provides best termite protection – termite baits or liquid soil treatments?

Which is the the best termite protection? It’s a pretty common question – “Which is the best termite protection?” The problem is, there is no easy answer – it depends. There are a whole range of factors which may dictate … Continue reading

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How do termite treatments to the soil protect my home?

There are two main termite management systems used to protect buildings from termite attack 1)     Application of termite treatment to the soil around and under buildings 2)     Installation of a termite monitoring and baiting system around the perimeter of buildings Following … Continue reading

How do termite baiting systems protect my home?

There are two main types of termite management system for protecting existing homes from termites; chemical soil treatments and termite baiting systems. Both systems have their pros and cons, allowing the quality pest professional to choose the best system for … Continue reading

The Next Big Move In The Termite Industry – Altriset

Every now and then there are some really important moves in our industry, in 1994 it was the banning of organochlorines which included products such as Dieldrin and Aldrin (carcinogens). At the beginning of the 2000’s it was the introduction … Continue reading

It might be winter but termites are still on the move

Termites can be said to be seasonal especially down here in Victoria where we get particularly cold winters compared to say Brisbane. The cooler weather does affected their mobility and certainly we associate these months with a slowing of activity … Continue reading

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