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Whether you need to comply with council regulations to get your ‘Certificate of Occupancy’ or just want to secure your home or building against future termite attack, Specialist Termite Control are the Melbourne termite experts to provide you with prompt service. We can access a variety of pre-construction termite control products to suit every situation.

Pre-construction termite systems tailored to your needs

We are licensed and trained to use wide range of pre-construction termite control products. This allows us to design the best termite protection system for your property (rather than trying to force fit one particular product to your situation).

Each customer and site is different with construction types, soil conditions, environmental considerations, required duration f protection and cost all combining to determine the most appropriate termite protection method for your building.

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Why use Specialist Termite Control to protect your home?

At Specialist Termite Control, we have a team of dedicated pre-construction experts, so we know what you need and how to do it. We offer both physical and chemical pre-construction termite barriers and can cater a plan to suit your style of construction, be it a large commercial job or a local unit.

We are the industry specialists when it comes to pre-construction termite control in Melbourne, using products that are safe for use onsite while your building team is getting on with the job. There is no smell and no need to drop tools while we are working because we use only the best quality membranes and water-based insecticides in our termite barriers for builders.

We provide a comprehensive range of termite prevention services to the building industry, including pre-construction termite treatment and termite barriers for builders.

Being the winner of the ‘Pest Manager of the Year’ awards in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and finalists in 2017
you know you’re in safe hands.


Pest Manager of the Year Awards 2014-2017


Specialist Termite Control / TermiBuild provide warranties on all pre-construction termite treatments (conditions do apply) and transfers automatically with any change of ownership of the serviced building. Learn more…

Termite protection for new buildings

Combination of metal “ant capping” on piers and membrane for perimeter wall

In designing a termite protection system for a building it is necessary to select appropriate products to integrate with the construction features of the building thus, creating an integrated termite barrier system that prevents concealed termite entry into the building

Termite protection products can broadly be classed as physical termite barriers or chemical termite barriers. In many situations a combination of physical and chemical products may be used.

However, with recent changes to the Building Codes and Australia Standards, you can rely on the expertise of TermiBuild to ensure we design and install a highly efficient and compliant system, ensuring the building is protected and approvals are granted without issue.

Physical termite barriers

The original physical termite barrier product is metal strip shielding (or “ant” capping). Although these are still available today, there are now a range of different physical termite barrier products that provide great flexibility to allow protection of a wide range of construction types and construction elements. Learn more…

Chemical termite treatments

Liquid termiticide soil treatments

Reticulation systems

Application of liquid termiticide to soil under the house and around the perimeter of the building can provide a very effective chemical barrier for termites. Learn more…

Although these chemicals last for many years, they don’t last forever! As such, it is important to install a termiticide reticulation system at the time of initial treatment, which allows the termiticide in the soil to be “topped up” when required. Learn more…

Termite protection for renovations, extensions and landscaping

Although builders of new homes are very much aware of the need for termite protection, often termite protection systems are overlooked when carrying out home improvements. Any additions to a home or internal renovation, needs to be assessed at the planning stage to identify potential termite entry points and ensure they are protected.

External additions such as decking and pergolas, and landscaping modifications adjacent to the building such as paths, driveways and garden beds, also all need to be assessed to determine their impact on the termite protection system of the building.

However, with such additions being carried out by the homeowner themselves or by tradesmen with less knowledge of termite protection requirements, it is not uncommon for such “improvements” to be the route of termite entry – providing an easy entry point to circumvent the otherwise complete termite protection systems in place.

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Do you really need termite protection?

Termites can be found throughout Melbourne and Victoria and are capable of causing significant damage in as little as 6 months!

Unfortunately, unless a suburb has been designated termite “declared” by the local council, there is no regulatory requirement for buildings to have termite protection incorporated during the building process.

However, termites continue to attack buildings in the “undeclared” suburbs and so wherever you are, incorporating appropriate termite protection during construction is the smart decision to protect the structure, your reputation and your client’s investment.

Whether you are building a new property, carrying out renovations and extensions or even carrying out landscaping, getting advice on protecting your property before starting construction is a key first step.

Termite “undeclared” suburbs:

Whitlesea, Melton, Brimbank, Moonee Valley, Maribrynong, Melbourne, Yarra, Boroondara, Hobsons Bay (part), Stonnington, Bayside, Kingston, Greater Dandenong, Darebin

(P.S Termites can’t read – they are everywhere in Melbourne!)

More Information:

Article by STC published in Master Builders Magazine 2014, “Building out termites by building in protection”

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