Flying termites
Flying Termites: What You Should Do
Flying Termites in MelbourneJust like other mainland Australian towns, Melbourne has its fair share of termites, including species that can cause severe damage to buildings-and yes, flying termites do exist!…
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Bugs That Look Like Termites In Australia
Top 5 Bugs That Look Like Termites
Bugs That Look Like TermitesTermites are common household pests that can cause significant financial and structural damage to your property. Therefore, if you think you have spotted termites at home,…
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early warning signs of termites
Early Warning Signs Of Termites
Early Warning Signs of Termites in MelbourneDiscovering termites in your home is not ideal, if we’re putting it lightly. Often, when you discover discarded wings or see the dreaded flying…
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Bee hives
Termites or honey bees?
I suppose I’m a bit of a nerd- having kept a termite colony nest in our ‘termitery’ for many years. It was the ‘dreaded’ Coptotermes acinaciformis, which we like to…
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Yarraville termites
Termite Treatment in Yarraville
Have you ever suspected the presence of termites in your space? You have probably seen signs that point to a likely termite infestation but no termites, there is no precise…
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Termite bait
Termite Bait ‘Smashed’ in Frankston
These modern termite baits, pictured in the photo above are just so attractive to termites. This blog post will discuss a recent successful treatment with the baiting method. Essentially, we…
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mount eliza termite mounds
Termite Mounds in Mount Eliza
A pest controller friend of mine occasionally refers to the beautiful seaside area of Mount Eliza as ‘termite hill’. I thought this a little harsh of him since although Mt…
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termites donvale
Surprise Termites in Donvale
Donvale is a pleasant leafy suburb. But less leafy than in the past, since until the 1960’s it was an orchard area. Today’s leafy trees tend to be 20-30 year…
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Destroyed by termites
Bookworms in Seaford
Our client in Seaford, on the Mornington peninsula, opened a box of old books that had been stored since they moved from their last house. He was surprised to see…
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