Bee hives
Termites or honey bees?
I suppose I’m a bit of a nerd- having kept a termite colony nest in our ‘termitery’ for many years. It was the ‘dreaded’ Coptotermes acinaciformis, which we like to…
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Termite bait
Termite Bait ‘Smashed’ in Frankston
These modern termite baits, pictured in the photo above are just so attractive to termites. This blog post will discuss a recent successful treatment with the baiting method. Essentially, we…
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mount eliza termite mounds
Termite Mounds in Mount Eliza
A pest controller friend of mine occasionally refers to the beautiful seaside area of Mount Eliza as ‘termite hill’. I thought this a little harsh of him since although Mt…
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termites donvale
Surprise Termites in Donvale
Donvale is a pleasant leafy suburb. But less leafy than in the past, since until the 1960’s it was an orchard area. Today’s leafy trees tend to be 20-30 year…
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Destroyed by termites
Bookworms in Seaford
Our client in Seaford, on the Mornington peninsula, opened a box of old books that had been stored since they moved from their last house. He was surprised to see…
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