TermiBuild WARRANTY, Terms and Conditions

“TermiBuild” is a registered business name of Specialist Termite Control Pty Ltd ABN 29057521614, hereinafter called “the company”

The following terms apply when a “TermiBuild” warranty is provided, hereinafter called “the warranty”

“The warranty” is provided to the owner of the building serviced by “the company”, hereinafter called “the owner”, and transfers automatically with any change of ownership of the serviced building.


If “the owner” makes a claim under “the warranty” as a result of termite ingress into the serviced building, the warranty will be processed only in the event that the “claimant” demonstrates that termites have entered through the termite management product (the product) installed by “the company”. “The company” advises that “the product” is designed to integrate with building components such as concrete slab, footings and stumps, and any claims arising from termite ingress through or between these components are excluded from “the warranty”.

In the event of any claim, it is a condition of “the warranty” that “owners” provide “the company” sufficient access to the building to assess any claim made and if necessary, to provide a program of termite management.


“The company” will, at no cost to the “claimant”, provide a termite management program, including a termite inspection of the infested building to AS 3660.2 prior to and after treatment. The type of treatment provided may involve a reapplication of the original product. However, if on technical grounds it is impractical to re-apply the same method or product, “the company” may employ other methods provided that they are reasonably expected to remedy the termite infestation.

A termite free inspection report by a termite specialist from “the company” to AS 3660.2 after treatment is an agreed discharge of the remedy.

Exclusions limitations and conditions of “the warranty”

– It is a condition of “the warranty” that the serviced building is inspected at least every 12 months by a termite specialist employed by “the company” and report provided to AS 3660.2., and it is the responsibility of “the owner” to ensure that this happens.

– Claims made as a result of termite ingress through an area of “the product” that has been damaged by other trades or unknown persons are excluded.

– Claims made as a result of termite ingress through inadequate on-going property management, such as incorrect finished ground level or other structures/ renovations compromising “the product”, will not be remedied under “the warranty”. Advice regarding on-going management of the building is specified in the certification provided on completion of the treatment installation.

– Claims as a result of building damage from termite infestation, and claims of consequential loss as a result of termite damage or infestation are specifically excluded from “the warranty” and are not the responsibility of Specialist Termite Control Pty Ltd.


Once provided, a TermiBuild warranty has a longevity of 12 months. The period can be extended for further 12 month periods indefinitely, subject to “the company” agreement, and subject to owners’ on-going agreement with these terms and conditions.