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Damage to your residential or commercial property from termites can rapidly accumulate when left untreated. Don’t wait to speak with our termite control experts in Melbourne. Get your free on-site termite assessment today.



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Expert Termite Control Services

Since 1990, Specialist Termite Control has been Melbourne’s leading authority on termite control services. Servicing all suburbs in Melbourne, our experienced team swiftly identifies and eliminates termite infestations, ensuring the long-term protection of your property. Unlike general pest control companies, we focus solely on termite removal and management. This guarantees that you receive the highest level of expertise and dedicated care in the industry. Don’t leave termite removal to chance, contact our experts today.

We provide the following termite control services in Melbourne:

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Affordable Termite Pest Control Services In Melbourne

Termites, also known as white ants, are by far the most destructive insects found in Australian homes. One out of every five homes in Melbourne, Victoria is likely to be at risk from termites. 

If a termite infestation is not treated properly, these insects can extensively damage buildings, resulting in the need for costly and substantial repairs. Often, this leads to homeowners losing equity in their homes. However, that doesn’t have to be the case when you are proactive and enquire with an affordable specialist termite control company.

The price you pay today will save you thousands of dollars in the future.

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Our Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our loyal customers on why they prefer Specialist Termite Control.

Excellent service from the Specialist Termite Control team especially Peter and Troy and and the in office staff.We have been with the company for over 11 years and counting. We are happy with the professionalism, expertise and friendly staff. We are seeing the rewards of continuing the Specialist Termite Control. We highly recommend STC.
simon khoo
simon khoo
10:01 09 Jul 24
Called in for a quote and received great customer service from Charlotte. She managed to booked me in for an on-site inspection on the same day noticing some techicians were in the same area. Marko, did the inspection and was very happy with his professionalism and be able to share a few insightful tips on termite prevention in a cost effective way - his honesty stood out!!! Highly recommended
Caren P Lee
Caren P Lee
04:52 02 Jul 24
David Richardson
David Richardson
03:34 24 Jun 24
Very knowledgeable and helpful people.
Susan Royse
Susan Royse
08:41 22 Jun 24
Marko Crcic checking, feeding and getting rid of the termites for us, we are extremely happy with his work, highly recommended.
Hannah Chen
Hannah Chen
00:52 20 Jun 24
Troy did an excellent job checking our house for termites. He was polite, thorough, and really helped to put my mind at ease also giving some good advice on future steps to take to minimise the risk of termite infestation. Highly recommended.
Gemma Tan
Gemma Tan
00:17 19 Jun 24
Troy was extremely professional and courteous. I felt I was in safe hands
Jann Carmody
Jann Carmody
01:23 17 Jun 24
I have been a STC customer for many years. Having rid the house of the buggers annual inspections are all i have since required. Tom has always been right on time, friendly and thorough. His time inspecting our home is of minimal impact. I thoroughly recommend Specialty Termite Control for stress free peace of mind.
Andrea C.
Andrea C.
23:38 14 Jun 24
I would recommend John for any job relating termite control and the like. Honest and very reliable.
23:53 10 Jun 24
Marko was fantastic. He reorganised his day for us and was extremely thorough in his inspection. He even came back the next day when the photos didn't upload to the report properly. Couldn't recommend him enough. Thanks Marko
Catherine Povey
Catherine Povey
05:51 07 Jun 24

Free Online termite test tool NEW

Think you have spotted termites in your home?

Use our free and easy to use online termite assessment tool to determine whether you have a termite infestation. Afterwards, if you’re still unsure, contact our termite removal experts and we’ll provide you with a free termite assessment at your property.

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How Termite Control Works?

Termite management can be complicated, which is one of the reasons engaging a ‘Specialist’ termite management team is so important. All our work is complemented with detailed inspection reports. In addition, we provide fixed proposals for termite management strategies before the commencement of any work.

As a voluntary member of our industry body the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) we are signatories to the AEPMA Code of Ethics and have commissioned industry-specific insurance. Additionally, we are signatories to the Code of Best Practice – Termite Management and all our work complies with the relevant Australian Standards.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how our termite control services work:

1. Book Appointment

Termite management starts with a quick call to our friendly team to arrange a free assessment of your property in Melbourne. Call us on 1300 695 949 to book a time that suits your schedule. We’ll be sure to arrive on time!

2. Termite Management Plan

When we visit your property for the first time, we will provide you with a termite management plan specific to your situation. This is an important first step to ensure you are fully informed of the process and that you understand why we believe the management proposed is in your best interests.

3. Termite Inspection

Next, we will complete a comprehensive and formal termite inspection that allows us to collate the detectable areas of termite activity, evaluate the level of damage and record any issues that may have led to the termite attack.

4. Remove Active Termites

Once the inspection is completed, we implement your termite management immediately. We utilise all recognised termite control methods such as termite baits, foams and dusts to cease the activity in your home. Termite elimination can take a few weeks to months, varying by the species, infestation size, and treatment used.

5. Install Management System

Once we have dealt with the active termites in your property, we will then install a termite management system around the property to prevent future termite attacks. Because the originating termite nest is often difficult to find, the installation of termite management systems is the best action to protect your property moving forward.

6. Regular Maintenance

Whatever termite management system has been installed by our experts, regular termite inspections (at least once per year) are required to maintain the warranty on the termite management system. This is a vital step to ensuring effective termite removal and protecting your property. Don’t worry, it’s not as expensive as you might think!

What to Do If You Find Termites In Your Home?

Don’t panic! Try not to disturb the termites because if you temporarily scare them away, it can make it harder to treat them properly.

  • Don’t spray them with insecticide
  • Don’t break open any damaged areas
  • Don’t worry. It is not great news, but all infestations can be controlled – yours will be no different.

Give us a call immediately – if you live in Melbourne or surrounding country areas, we’ll be around as soon as possible for a termite inspection to assess the problem and provide on-the-spot advice.  If you do have termites, we will provide options for various termite treatments in writing, along with an obligation-free quote.

What To Do If You Have Termites – Step By Step Guide  →

Call us on 1300 695 949 and put a stop to termites!

6 Warning Signs Your Property Needs Termite Control

To detect termites early, you need to look for several signs that can indicate a termite infestation. These signs include swollen timber, tunnels in your walls or floors, and the presence of termite mud tubes. Additionally, indicators such as damaged walls, uneven floors, and the presence of flying winged creatures or white ants around your property need to be taken into account. We recommend that you have a professional inspect your house each year to detect any signs of termites, as some of them can be hard to spot. Remember, it’s crucial to detect termites early to prevent serious damage to your property and to ensure any termite removal services are effective.

Here are 6 telltale warning signs your property has a termite infestation and will require termite control services:

1. You can see termites

This might seem obvious, however, one of the biggest signs that you have a termite infestation is seeing termites in your home. Although termites can be tough to distinguish from other insects, such as ants, some differences exist. One of the easiest ways to tell a termite apart from a regular ant is that it’s white and only has two segments to its body being of the order Isoptera. Conversely, ants are typically darker and have three distinct parts to their body being of the order Hymenoptera.

Therefore, if you see white insects around your house that look a bit like ants, they could be termites. In addition to sighting termites without wings, you might also see flying termites, or alates. When in flight, their two pairs of wings will be visible and these are often discarded around your home or office.

Unsure? Give us a call on 1300 695 949!

Warning Signs of Termites - Sighting Termites

2. You can hear clicking sounds

If you can hear small clicking noises coming from your walls but can’t see any obvious causes, you may have a termite infestation. Termites communicate through vibrations, so those sounds you hear might be the termites talking to each other by tapping their heads against the wood or consuming timber.

More often than not, however, termites don’t create an audible sound and most noises within wall cavities or roof voids tend to be related to rodents or other pest activities. Whatever the cause, you’ll want to get a professional assessment of your wall cavities and our termite specialists are equipped to deal with properties of all shapes and sizes in Melbourne.

Unsure? Give us a call on 1300 695 949!

Warning Signs of Termites - Clicking Sounds In Walls

3. There are termite galleries in your timber

Another key warning sign that termites have invaded your home is when you find little tunnels or galleries in your walls or under your house. Termites are subterranean creatures: in nature, they build tunnels through and out of the ground to access and harvest the cellulose from timber. Given the opportunity, termites will utilise the timbers from your home as their food source to supply their colony, which is almost always located remote from the building.

As you can imagine, termite galleries can be very hard to detect.

Therefore, if you have any reason to suspect a termite infestation, please contact our termite removal experts for your free consultation. As specialist termite controllers, we have the necessary tools and equipment to detect termite tunnels accurately and can let you know within a few moments of seeing the property.

Unsure? Give us a call on 1300 695 949!

Warning Signs of Termites - Termite Galleries In Wood

4. Termite mudding

As the fourth telltale sign of a termite infestation, termite mudding will often be spotted around the home. Termites use their poop to build tunnels. This allows them to leave their subterranean environment without dehydrating and protects them from predators.

While it’s easy to assume that termite mudding would be fairly obvious, it can help in discovering termites, however,  mudding can also enable termites to gain concealed ingress into a building making their detection very difficult.

Unsure? Give us a call on 1300 695 949!

Warning Signs of Termites - Termite Mudding (Termite Poo)

5. Difficulty opening doors and windows

Termites produce a lot of moisture when chewing through wood. Naturally, this can swell your doors and windows, making them feel stiff when you try to open them. While the difficulty you have opening your doors and windows may be simply due to wear and tear, it’s still worth keeping an eye out for other potential signs of a termite infestation.

If you have recently noticed that your windows or doors are stiff and can recognise one of our other termite warning signs, be sure to contact us as soon as possible. Early detection is critical: the later you put off solving the issue, the harder, and more expensive, it’s going to be.

Unsure? Give us a call on 1300 695 949!

Warning Signs of Termites - Stiff Windows & Doors

6. Hollow Wood

Lastly, as termites are a subterranean species, worker termites will never expose themselves to an external environment. This means that they will consume timber from the inside out. Naturally, this makes visual detection of termite ingress very difficult, so you are unlikely to be able to detect termite-damaged timber just by looking at it.

As a DIY test to see whether your wood is hollow, knock on your timber elements and flooring every 6 months. If they feel hollower than usual, you may have a termite infestation.

Unsure? Give us a call on 1300 695 949!

Warning Signs of Termites - Hollow Wood

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