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Termite Monitors

Termite monitoring is usually carried out in combination with a termite baiting program or where the architecture of the building makes it unsuitable for the installation of a protective barrier. Termite monitors are used to try to address an inherent weakness of all termite colony control treatments − the risk of another colony encroaching on the property.

Termite monitor
Termite monitor

Termite monitoring has proven both effective and popular as they are not as intrusive to install as a termite barrier and require no applications of pesticides

Termite monitors containing wood and an attracting agent with no toxicant are installed around the perimeter of the building, usually in garden beds and landscaped areas. The monitors need to be checked every 12 weeks, any monitor found to have become infested will have a cellulous-based bait added which the attacking colony consume and take back to the Queen. The hormone inhibitor in the bait will kill the Queen causing the colony to collapse thus relieving the property of the termite pressure.

Monitoring the monitors

The ongoing maintenance and checking of termite monitors is the key to utilising this method of termite protection. Over the years it’s proved to be an extremely successful mode of termite management and now stands as an equal to the conventional termite treatment.

Specialist Termite Control generally manages clients’ monitoring systems as part of an overall package that provides for the management and maintenance of the monitors and the annual inspection of the property. We’re so confident in the effectiveness of the product that we generally include some form of warranty.

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