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Termite Dusting

This method involves dust toxicants being blown gently through infested termite workings. The dust sticks to the damp skins of termites and spreads through the termite colony. It has the ‘potential’ to contaminate the Queen back in the nest and kill the entire colony.

Applying dust to door architrave
Applying dust to door architrave

The treatment was developed in the 90’s with arsenic trioxide dust. Some termite technicians progressed the skill to a high art and were very successful in colony control.

Termite Dusting as a method of termite control in Melbourne is generally not so successful, possibly because of the more discrete and subtle nature of our termite attacks. Only those infestations with very high activity during the warm summer weather really stand much chance of genuine control this way.

Arsenic is in line for de-registration (a good thing) and has largely been replaced with Termidor Dust (Fiponil), which has low toxicity and a slower mode of action. We generally only use dusting as the first step in the process in reducing the activity of termites in a home. Dusting is rarely used as the sole method of termite management.

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