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Huge advances have been made in the area of termite baits and monitors in the last decade. Termites have traditionally been difficult to poison. That’s because they are very perceptive at detecting a poison in their food. Early attempts by the scientists to lace blocks of wood or cardboard with poisons such as arsenic or boron were unsuccessful as these treated materials were rejected by the termites.

New generation termite baits and monitors

Applying baits to termite infected timbers
Applying baits to termite infected timbers

Modern termite baits and monitors are highly effective and have transformed our industry. Typically, a bait station, which holds a cellulose material containing an active ingredient, is installed to an area known to hold termite activity. Its active ingredient (chlorfluazuron) is a hormone inhibitor that, once consumed by the termites, is taken back to the Queen and when she perishes so does the whole colony. Providing the termites remain active in a known accessible spot in an infested building, it is virtually guaranteed that a baiting program will eliminate the colony.

The time span involved tends to be surprisingly variable, but five to eight months is about normal, with a few jobs going over a year. The baiting products also provide a means to collect samples for species identification and monitor termite activity. A wonderful benefit of having the new generation of highly effective products is that infested buildings that would not respond to a chemical soil treatment because of design issues can be treated. As a result, we’re using chemical termite treatments far less often today: chemicals are the last resort in managing termite infestation.

Don’t forget the plan

Bait box on exposed roof beam
Bait box on exposed roof beam

As these systems do not isolate the building from the colony, termites are still able to access the structure. This means that they are not ideal for long-term structural protection. Accordingly, a successful baiting program should be followed with some on-going management such as inspections plus termite monitoring or chemical protection. There are several major brands now available in Australia. Click on the links below to learn more.

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