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Nest location

Some species of termite, especially the damaging ones in the outer suburbs of Melbourne (Coptotermes frenchi), are single nesters which means they can migrate up to 100 metres from their nest in a nearby tree or log to infest a building.

Detection and elimination

Temperature probe of termite colony
Temperature probe of termite colony

If the nest can be located it can be destroyed and there’s a chance that the entire colony will die, remedying your building infestation. This method of termite treatment is called Colony Control.

Follow up checks of the treated nest site and inspections of the infested building are essential however, as Colony Control does not protect a building into the future.

At Specialist Termite Control we are advocates of nest location and will normally provide an initial nest search as part of your free assessment.

It’s important to remember that this method has little relevance in Melbourne’s inner and southern suburbs, where the termites tend to be “multiple nesters”, that is, your infestation will not be linked to a single nest.

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