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When it comes to termite treatment, there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there. One termite controller may recommend one course of termite treatment while another might make an entirely different suggestion. And then, of course, there are the treatment costs involved which may vary considerably.

Termite colony found under a house patio
Termite colony found under a house patio

At Specialist Termite Control we like to keep things simple, so we’ve come up with some rules to help you decide on the best termite treatment for your situation if you suspect you have termites.

Rule One

Don’t touch. Any suspect termite damage in your home should be left alone. How can we destroy your termites if you have scared them away?

Rule Two

Don’t worry. Termite Treatment materials and methods have improved dramatically in the last few years. All termite infestations can now be controlled, almost always with low toxicity materials and often with little intrusion into your home and lifestyle.

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