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Physical Termite Protection Barriers

Safeguard your new home with physical termite control

Physical barrier termite treatments are most often used for termite control and protection in new construction projects. A physical barrier is designed to isolate the termite colony from the building under attack so that the termites’ only method of entry is over a designated perimeter inspection zone.


A penitration protection using membrane
A penetration protection using membrane


This is because termites will usually avoid constructing shelter tubes up the side of walls unless provided with ample water or additional shelter – they prefer the easy way in. In this way, physical barriers provide the least-toxic method of termite barrier treatment for new Melbourne homes. Where possible, it’s preferable to eliminate any detected colonies before installing remedial physical termite barriers.

Methods of physical termite barrier systems

Strip Shielding

Metal ant caps are often seen on the tops of stumps under suspended timber floors. These don’t actually prevent termite infestation. However, if the physical barrier is installed properly, the termites will have to construct an obvious mud tube over the cap to penetrate the building. These tubes are easily identified during a termite inspection which should be conducted yearly to comply with the Australian Standard. Similarly, metal sheeting is often used through brick piers and masonry walls to force termites to the outside but is not generally used in the industry any more as it has not proven overly successful over time.

Granite Aggregate

Crushed granite of a particular particle shape and size range is also used as a physical termite barrier for Melbourne homes. The termites are unable to penetrate the granite as the particles are too large and heavy for them to move. Granite is most often used with concrete slabs where it is applied around pipes and behind the lower bricks at the building perimeter; however, this product has largely become obsolete with the introduction of cheaper and more effective termite membranes and other physical termite control methods.

Stainless Steel Mesh

Marine grade stainless steel mesh may also be used as a physical protection barrier to termites. The size of the mesh openings is small enough to control termites and prevent them passing through. Mesh is commonly glued to slabs and masonry and may also be used around pipes through slabs. As is the case with granite guards, this particular termite barrier system has mostly become obsolete due to the advancement of termite membranes which are cheaper and more effective.

Termite Membranes or Chemically Impregnated Sheets

The advancement of chemical termite barriers such as chemically impregnated membranes has made this method of pre-construction protection safe, affordable and very effective. The products range from sealant to dampcourse membranes and use active ingredients such as bifenthrin and deltamethrin impregnated into the fibres, sheeting, or geotextile to act as a permanent and effective barrier to termites.

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